Monday, 27 June 2011

Android - Adding A Hidden Network

I like to keep my router locked down and so I keep my SSID hidden. This has never been a problem, until that is, I bought myself an Android smartphone. Although it was possible to connect to my hidden network by adding it manually and entering the password details when prompted, it only seemed to connect the first time. Subsequent connections would always fail. In the end, after some Googling (other search engines are available) I managed to resolve the problem:

  • From your home screen hit the menu button and select settings.
  • Select Wireless & Networks
  • Select Wi-Fi settings
  • Select Add Wi-Fi network
  • Enter the SSID for the hidden network. DO NOT CLICK SAVE.

  • As you can just see from the screen shot the form is in fact scrollable and contains more than just the Network SSID value. Scroll the form to reveal the security type list box. 
  • Select the security used for your network.
  • Scroll the form further to reveal the password box and enter the password.

Click Save and it after a few seconds it should connect! And that should be it. You should find that it will now connect every time. Happy Surfing!


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